Leslie Edwards Humez:

Leslie is a suburban Cleveland surrealist who can't resist the temptation to give life to metaphor and word play through art.  Her whimsical pieces are created with a porcelain/ cellulose based clay that air-dries flinty hard and accepts acrylic paint.  The brilliantly colorful finished works are generally mistaken for ceramics, but unlike fired clayware, they're as durable as wood.  Click here for more information.

Samuel J. Francazio:

In the 1970‘s, Sam studied art at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in painting and pottery. He considers himself a colorist, in the Abstract Expressionist and Impressionist styles. He interprets God’s gift of nature using a free form that is both simple and extensive in shapes, composition, colors and subjects. When he makes his art, he focuses on his imagination at that particular time and place, using nature as his guide. 

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Eva Volf:

“Eva’s work immerses one in the primal waters of the sea where life began. You cannot help but to be drawn into the visions she creates with her marvelous seascapes; gentle, yet at the same time powerful.”
— L. Putz

Volf’s love of the Ocean flows deeply from childhood memories, renewed with every breaking wave and cleansing salty splash. Inspired by the majesty of the seas and beaches of the world, she channels her emotions of tranquility and fulfillment to the viewer through oil on canvas. Conceptualized at the source, each seascape is sketched at the beach to capture the vision before completion in the studio.

Zackary Hoon:

In his photography, Zack's subject matter varies but how he approaches his work remains the same. He explores the ordinary to uncover unrecognized beauty and to challenge our senses. In order to create strong images, Zack believes there must be a relationship between the photographer and the subject. Only after an effort has been put into developing this relationship can meaningful images be captured on a consistent basis. For more information, click here.

Ted Lawson:

Ted creates art using "the things that people see and use everyday" as his inspiration. His ideas involving common everyday scenes or objects spring from his extensive foreign and domestic travels as well as glimpses of New York City. Ted continuously strives to accomplish the goal of creating something that is entertaining and thought provoking for other people to look at and enjoy.  Making art is his means of self-expression and self-fulfillment. Click here for more information.